Seleme Industry is certified organic by Ecocert.

Seleme Industry is certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification.

Seleme Industry is certified FSP (Food Safety Program) by CIDASC (The Integrated Agricultural Development Corporation of Santa Catarina).

The Integrated Agricultural Development Corporation of Santa Catarina (CIDASC) linked to the Agriculture and Fishing State Department carries out actions to promote agribusiness of Santa Catarina state and the production chain development of animal and vegetable sanity and products of animal origin inspection.

CIDASC is made up by 19 regionals departments, one main department in Florianópolis and a bulk carrier terminal in São Francisco do Sul. CIDASC acts all over Santa Catarina state and has created a work model to protect farmer producers and the society, guiding and promoting actions of disease and plagues prevention and control, dealing with farming sectors that may be transmitted to human being.

Santa Catarina stands out on farming national and world stage as the biggest national producer of honey, oyster, shellfish, apple and onion, also one of the biggest national producers of swine, birds, rice, tobacco and the biggest national exporter of banana and birds. Thanks to CIDASC’s work and its body partners, Santa Catarina is also the only state of the country free from foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination recognized by Animal Health World Organization.

CIDASC works to serve Santa Catarina population and guarantees a quality food from a national and international recognized corporation.


Rua Adão Tyszka n°1251, Alto das Palmeiras
Canoinhas, Santa Catarina
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Fone/Fax (47) 3622-0359, (47) 3622-6406

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